Our Expertise

We at Consortio Group cover a range of areas of expertise based on both experience and education. We believe that a strong foundation in these areas are key in ensuring that business and tech disruption are done in the most effective manner.



We have hands-on experience in multiple areas around the automotive industry, including sales, purchasing, fleet management, repairs, leasing, management, rentals, and upgrades. From these, we have strong knowledge of both the business side of the automotive industry as well as the products themselves.


With knowledge and experience in traditional finance, FinTech, and cryptocurrencies, as well as the development of financial tools used by companies around the globe, we’re able to navigate new technologies with you for optimal implementation or development.



We have worked with projects ranging from small local government agencies all the way to multinational government organizations such as the European Commission. We understand the complexities of public services as well as politics and can help you maximize benefits while minimizing negative effects. 

Lifestyle and Luxury

With our experience with watches, designer furniture, fine dining, and more, as well as the network that we’ve built throughout our lives in Switzerland and around the world, we are able to understand the complexities of the industry from multiple perspectives. 



We have over a decade worth of experience in the pharma and life sciences industry, covering aspects such as procurement, production, sales, and international operations. We understand the complexities involved in an industry with numerous legal restrictions as well as internal risk management issues.

Real Estate

We have decades of direct experience in the real estate industry handling sales, leasing, repairs, and development and so have a strong understanding of multiple areas of the industry as well as the business practices needed to succeed.

Real Estate
Supply Chain

Supply chain

Understanding supply chains is no simple task, but we understand how crucial it is in order to set a business apart from the others by delivering better value. From the procurement process to the delivery, as well as post-delivery processes, we have the knowledge, experience, and network to help your business stand out.


Collectively, Consortio Group members have lived in ten countries across four continents and regularly travel extensively both for business and for pleasure. This, combined with our experience with the tourism industry across these countries, gives us great understanding of the industry from both a business standpoint as well as one from a consumer.

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